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We have given our Vintage Shop a refresh!


Check out the curated selection of vintage goods, clothing & antiques,

with focus on all things unique, local, and with a great story. 

If you are interested in selling, please feel free to bring your items in (or pictures of pieces). 


If you have any questions, give us a call at 360.392.8524 or

Stop by our shop: 1806 Cornwall Ave. Bellingham, WA

Costume Jewelry

Retro & Vintage Clothing

Artwork: Originals, Prints, Sculptures, Bronzes


Old Fishing & Hunting Supplies

Vintage & Antique Furniture & Decor


Ephemera: Postcards, Historical Memorabilia, 

Sports Cards, Comic Books 


Local Vintage & Antique Items 


Entire Estates
Anything & Everything Cool or Funky!

Stay informed about our upcoming sales!

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